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Moncada: 57 años después

            En Santiago de Cuba, en el barrio del Tivolí, al lado de las escalinatas del Padre Pico, está una casa pequeña que la gente del barrio llama cariñosamente “la casita de Fidel”. Read more…

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21st Pastors for Peace Caravan Arrives in Cuba / Llegó a Cuba XXI Caravana de la Amistad Pastores por la Paz

The 21st Pastors for Peace Caravan arrived in Cuba on Friday, July 23, carrying an important donation that includes vehicles, medical and sports equipment, and teaching materials for Cuban children,

Reverend Lucius Walker, leader of the Pastors for Peace religious organization, is heading a caravan made up by 85 people from the United States, Canada, Ireland, Germany, England and Mexico. Read more…

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Report Back – CUBA! & Revolutionary Internationalism, 3rd International Che Guevara Conference, June 26-27, 2010

On June 26th and 27th, 2010, the Third Annual International Che Guevara Conference was held in Vancouver, Canada. This year’s conference, an annual event organized by Vancouver Communities in Solidarity with Cuba (VCSC), was on the theme of “Cuba and Revolutionary Internationalism”. With speakers from across the US, Canada, Cuba and Venezuela, this conference aimed to discuss a vitally important component of any revolutionary movement, which is at the core of the Cuban revolution: working-class internationalism. More than 400 people attended this important conference. Read more…

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